7 Traits of the Ideal Employee

All employers aim to hire the ideal employee. But what does this elusive ideal employee actually look like? While desired skills will certainly vary across industries, there are common traits the best employees share. Here are my top seven:

  1. Ambition. Highly desirable candidates all show that they have a desire to go places. They want to learn and excel in their field, which is both beneficial to their personal growth and the growth of the company. Ambitious employees are willing to put in the extra work and do more than expected. These are your go-getters, and who doesn’t want to hire someone who is self-motivated?
  2. Confidence. Those who exude confidence inspire confidence in their abilities. Confident employees require less hand-holding and are able to be more autonomous. This lightens the load on their supervisors, which is something every manager is looking for.
  3. Positivity. No one wants to hire a Negative Nelly, but a Positive Penelope or Peter is a shoo-in! Having a good attitude may be one of the biggest traits employers look for. These employees are willing to give everything a try, and they expect the best outcomes. Positivity in the workplace builds stronger relationships with coworkers and stronger, more productive teams. Happiness is contagious and so is a great attitude.
  4. Modesty. While interviews are certainly the time to sell yourself, no one wants to hire a bragger. Boastful show-offs aren’t appealing in most situations. I’m certainly not telling you to sell yourself short, but being humble is an admirable trait. Those who are modest about their accomplishments mention their abilities and notable endeavors, but do not ramble on and on about their impressiveness.
  5. Passion. We’ve all met the people in our field who have true passion. They don’t come to work and simply go through the motions from nine to five. They give it their all. Their work is what drives and excites them. There is a fire in them that keeps them going from day to day and sparks new and innovative ways to solve problems. People with passion often don’t feel like they’re working, and they shine above the rest.
  6. Reliability. Those who are reliable do what they say they are going to do, when they say they will do it. They are on time with deadlines and their arrivals each day. They support their teams and always pull their weight. Reliable employees listen well, take their work seriously and deliver — a manager’s dream.
  7. Creativity. You don’t have to be a sculptor, playwright or musician to exhibit creativity on the job. Creativity may involve artistic abilities, but it may just mean the employee can think outside of the box. Exhibiting creative problem solving, crafting new systems and procedures and thinking beyond what’s simply in front of you are all examples of creativity in the workplace. Managers look for innovative thinkers and those who can bring that new energy to their teams.

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