True Colors: Learning to Speak the Language of Others

Blue, Orange, Gold, Green: Seeking to Understand…

We started this series with an overview of True Colors and how it can help you!  We then spent the next several weeks exposing some of the characteristics and preferences of each color. In case you missed the series, True Colors is a personality profile based on four colors: Green, Gold, Blue, and Orange. Each color has a unique set of qualities and characteristics; however, everyone is a blend of all four colors.  In the True Colors world, we refer to this as an individual’s true color spectrum. True Colors helps to reduce conflict, promotes healthy engagement, provides awareness of self, and improves communication. True Colors achieves these benefits through fun and interactive seminars with a group of individuals or one-one coaching. 

In these sessions, learners are given the language and interaction preferences of each color.  Effective people interaction is not watering down your message nor is it limited to adjusting body language and tone. Effective people interaction is about speaking the language of those with whom you are communicating.  This begins by seeking to understand rather than seeking to be understood, says Steven Covey.  At the end of the day, you will experience message interference, known as a communication barrier, if your language is not one that the recipient understands!  Through participation in a True Colors seminar, learners acquire the language skills to positively interact with individuals representing preferences of each color as well as strategies for improving relationships and reducing conflict.

Perhaps you are an individual whose communication style prefers to skip the small talk and values the time to analyze the possibilities; it is possible that you are a bright green!  Conversely, a bright blue is naturally gifted with a genuine interest in people, building relationships with people- not systems, and increasing harmony.  Individuals who possess a strong commitment to tradition, believe that rules are a necessity, and require structure are quite naturally a bright gold. Whereas individuals who are glowing orange, pride themselves on the ability to take action quickly, get results, and have little to no desire for details. 

Maybe you can relate a bit to each color or maybe you relate strongly with one. Participation in a True Colors workshop is edutaining! You will experience several A-ha moments while laughing and learning about one another in so many ways.  Experience this life-changing workshop with your friends, board members, family, or colleagues. True Colors is a validated personality profile indicator that has generated consistent results since the early 70s.  You can read more about this blog series by clicking here.  Don’t go another day expecting different results yet doing the same thing. I believe that is called insanity. Sign-up today to schedule a fun and interactive retreat that can improve engagement with all stakeholders.