Trust: The Foundation to a Cohesive Team

Cohesive teams, how are they created? Do they truly have an impact on the organization’s bottom line? Yes, Yes, and Yes! Like any structure, a proper foundation is a requirement for sustainability through rough storms. From my experience, organizations would realize results with far less effort if focus and energy were directed toward building solid foundations by creating institutions of trust.

While there is a direct correlation between team and organization success, this series’ focus is on the team. We want to help you understand how to build a proper foundation for your team. Leadership matters! For a team to be successful, the leader must understand the power of teamwork.

To that end, it is important to clarify whether a team is truly a team or just a group of people reporting to the same manager. A team is interdependent, has shared goals, and members share accountability for achieving those goals. Trust is the foundation of a high functioning team. When trust exists, you’ll see better and faster decisions, the realization of the skills and opinions of all members, reduced wasted time, reduced energy on politics, confusion, and destructive conflict. You’ll avoid wasting time discussing the wrong issues and revisiting the same topics repeatedly. Most importantly, trust creates competitive advantage.

When members of a team trust one another, they can be genuinely transparent and honest with one another, which builds vulnerability-based trust. This type of trust allows for healthy conflict, disagreement among members of the team, and promotes accountability. Learn more about how your team can begin to build the proper foundation and whether your organization is ready for transformation at The Marlo Companies.