Conflict: The Critical Element of a Cohesive Team


In the last post in the series, Building a Cohesive Team, we learned that building trust is the foundation of a cohesive team. Today, we discuss conflict: healthy conflict! It is natural for some individuals to engage in conflict, while it is very uncomfortable for others. Regardless, the passionate debate of topics is healthy.

Healthy conflict is about giving serious consideration to opinions and suggestions that differ from your own. It is only when members of a team trust one another, that they engage in healthy conflict. It is with trust that members engage in unfiltered, passionate discussion around all issues. Healthy conflict is where members reconsider their points of view, avoid manipulation to get their desired result, and have face-to-face arguments.

Conversely, unhealthy conflict is where members vent outside of the meeting, hide their true opinion, form allies with other members of the team, and personally attack others. Healthy conflict allows individuals to have an unfiltered debate around issues of importance to the team. This is especially important. If colleagues never push one another outside of their emotional comfort zones during discussions, they are not making the best decisions for the organization.

Healthy conflict is NOT about a personal attack. Conversely, healthy conflict fosters SAFE REJECTION of ideas that are not in the best interest of the organization. When teams do not engage in conflict, or when they fear conflict, the result is meetings that lack passion and interest. Personal attacks thrive and create an environment of back-door politics. Controversial topics that are crucial to team success are ignored, and the perspective and opinions of all members of the team remain untapped. Visit The Marlo Companies today and learn how we can facilitate your team transformation.