Building a Cohesive Team Series

In this Building a Cohesive Team series, we have talked about the five essential pillars for building a cohesive team based on Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Five Behaviors of a CohesiveTeam, that are guaranteed to change the culture of your organization: one team at a time! We started with the foundation and most essential behavior-Trust. This element is the foundation for a cohesive team as, without it, none of the other behaviors are achievable.  Second to trust is Conflict. When we say conflict, we mean healthy conflict. Yes, you guessed it, without trust, healthy conflict is impossible. Third, we discussed Commitment. When members of the team have engaged in healthy conflict, they feel heard and are able to commit to what is important for the organization. The fourth behavior is Accountability. This element has an expectation that teammates will hold one another accountable when members are not pulling their weight. Lastly, the behavior that requires the least amount of work is Results. Ironically, organizations spend significant amounts of time focused on results and very little time building trust. Sign-up to receive our blogs hot off the press here!

Ever wonder what is wrong with them and why are they so different?

Well! We might be able to help you understand those people!  Guess what? We will even help you to understand yourself as well! In this next series, we will introduce you to the qualities and characteristics of each of the four colors.  Additionally, you will be introduced to those critical relationship qualities, such as communication, interaction, conflict, and so much more that are essential to building solid relationships. Regardless of how nice you speak, if it isn’t the language that the recipient understands you have a barrier! We want to help you eliminate those barriers. The great news is that everyone has some of each of the four colors. In the True Colors world, it is referred to as a spectrum.  Perhaps you prefer to skip the small talk and consider all possible options. Maybe you are more interested in building relationships and increasing harmony. Is tradition and following the rules of tremendous priority for you? Or do you pride yourself on the ability to take action quickly and generate results? Maybe you identify with each of the scenarios presented.  Regardless, stay tuned to learn more about this proven profile indicator! True Colors is a personality profile indicator that is based on four colors: Orange, Blue, Gold, and Green. Sign-up today to schedule a fun and interactive team retreat that can improve communication with your team.