Peacemaker: The Blue Mate

In this series, we learn about people and their preferences using the True Colors Personality Profile Indicator. When I say preference, I mean every aspect of an individual’s life: preference in communication, love, expression, interaction, and more. While everyone’s personality includes a bit of each color, each person has a brighter representation of one color over others within the color spectrum.  As mentioned in the previous blog, introversion and extroversion have a tremendous role to play in a person’s personality DNA.

This week, we present to you our blue mate!  With a quick glance at the photo to the left, words like Love, Peace, and Harmony may come to mind. The blue mate is all things people!  Harmony! Love! Authenticity! Optimism! Peace! People who are bright in this color have an amazing sense of environment and relationships with others!

Like each of the four colors, the blue mate is often misunderstood. Blue mates thrive on interaction with other people. They are naturally sensitive to environments and people’s emotions.  They are the individuals who will stop what they are doing to listen to your life story…the entire life story!  People take priority over paperwork and deadlines for these mates. Our blue mates work best by knowing they are valued and critical to the team. Absent of feeling valued, a blue mate is less likely to engage.

The blue mate thrives on being harmonious, loving, inclusive, sensitive, encouraging, and emotional! The blue mate has a core need of being valued, included, and appreciated. The saying, “It’s not personal” does not apply to the blue mate! Everything that they do is personal because they put their heart into everything that they do.

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