Independent: The Green Mate

Without further delay, we present to you our Green Mate! When looking at the card to the right, innovation, curiosity, and knowledge are words that may come to mind. Inquisitive, intellectual, independent, visionary, these ideas are synonymous with a green mate. In this series, we learn about people and their preferences using the True Colors Personality Profile Indicator.

When I say preference, I mean every aspect of an individual’s life: preference in communication, love, expression, interaction, and more. While everyone’s personality includes a bit of each color, each person has a brighter representation of one color over others within the color spectrum. As mentioned in the previous blog, introversion and extroversion have a tremendous role to play in a person’s personality DNA. 

Play is equivalent to work and work means play for this mate. Green mates, especially when introverted, are often perceived as preferring a computer over a human and having no emotion.  Intellectual competence and clarity of mind are essential for this mate. They are naturally analytical mates who need time to consider many options. The green mate works best with autonomy, freedom, and space to create.

The green mate jumps on getting things done by having a clear vision of where to go.

As a kid, the green mate was possibly perceived as complex, independent, analytical, thirsty for knowledge, and questioning. As an adult, the perception is the same.  The Green mate has an extreme need for objective and fact-based information. Avoid ‘emotionalizing’ discussion when presenting information to a green mate.

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