Stabilizer: The Gold Mate

This week, we present our Gold mate! Unlike our other colors, there is an immediate difference in the photo to our right. Immediately, you probably notice structure and organization! This mate is all about tradition, being prepared, and responsibility! Given their need for tradition, change is NOT a friendly term for this mate. In this series, we learn about people and their preferences using the True Colors Personality Profile Indicator.

When I say preference, I mean every aspect of an individual’s life: preference in communication, love, expression, interaction, and more. While everyone’s personality includes a bit of each color, each person has a brighter representation of one color over others within the color spectrum. As mentioned in the previous blog, introversion and extroversion have a tremendous role to play in a person’s personality DNA.

Like each of the four colors, the gold mate is often misunderstood. Our gold mates thrive on getting things done right-the first time. Essential to their ability to get it right is a deep need for details….lots of them. Our gold mates thrive on responsibility!

The gold mate is possibly perceived as being organized, a rule-follower, obedient, punctual, structured, and detail-oriented! The gold mate has a core need for responsibility and duty. Providing a gold with very clear and detailed expectations is necessary. At all times avoid generalities and abstract concepts with this mate. To maximize a relationship with a gold, it is essential that you do what you say you are going to do. ANYTHING short of doing what you say you are going to do will result in a lack of trust between yourself and the gold mate.

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